1. Working on a summary Sunday morning is absolutely fine when your project needs sunshine and water (plus chemicals in dark rooms). I’ve been printing with sunshine (aka cyanotypes) for an exciting branding project I’m currently working on.


  2. In April, music, arts & performance festival Motel Mozaique, took place in Rotterdam. Friends from design studio Hats & Tales designed this year’s event style and asked me to photograph the result of their hard work during the festival. See some more on Hats & Tales’ website.


  3. London fog: a morning walk through the mist along the river Lea and passing by a still deserted playground before the sun comes out and many will enjoy the sunshine here.


  4. My series 7242 metres is featured in The Ride Journal VIII, which came out a few weeks ago. Super nice to see two spreads of work among some great writers, illustrators and photographers in this stunning magazine. Yay!


  5. Turn it around

    Btw, this is near my hometown in the Netherlands, my old back garden… it now looks like Africa sometimes like here on an iPhone shot.


  6. Happy New Year to you! It was ferry time again these holidays… see more photos on Instagram.


  7. I like this pic from the Catalan seaside I took back in October (see this series earlier on my blog) so thought I should post it. Aren’t the colours nice? 


  8. Sometimes I like to take my Yashica with me and when I went to the Pyrenees for a hike I was aiming to document the day. Always nice to get them developed. I have the feeling I forgot to shoot some of the actual walk but at least I finished with a well deserved refreshment.


  9. The Pyrenees are nice


  10. I’m in Barcelona and while the city beaches are still filled with tourists and Catalans, a couple of hours walk north, the ‘platges’ are beautifully empty.


  11. It’s already a month ago that I went on a bicycle ride from London to Heijen, the place I grew up on the German border in the Netherlands. Here a few scenes on the way. More to come soon.


  12. While waiting for the bus in Alfriston. I didn’t see a bus, but saw this.


  13. Thought it would be nice to go for a walk so I took the train to Eastbourne — with delay because of severe weather conditions — to walk the South Downs route to Alfriston. Unexpected snow, gale force winds, freezing temperatires, muddy slides and just me and the sheep, but beautiful and worth every step. Missed the last bus in Alfrsiton but well, just walked another three miles in the dark to the next train station to find a cancelled train. Pub time it was!

    (I was reading the Alchemist, seemed very relevant, even passed a crystal shop on the way :-)


  14. Pie Pacman (homebaked)


  15. Several stages and ingredients of pie baking, more pies to bake, book to come.